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Caritas Ibiza

Caritas Ibiza

Caritas Ibiza is a subsidiary of the Church that is dedicated to social action between "the past and not served" of our society. Giving particular attention and support to groups of homeless / transients and immigrants. One area of ​​Caritas is the Socio Reintegration Workshop by recycling textiles. Up to 12 people obtain financial assistance, training, advice, opportunities and support for their reintegration into society, work and family by working in the recycling of textiles donated to Caritas by the citizens of Ibiza and Formentera. Since the workshop is collected, sorted, cleaned and arranged, all clothes, bedding, textiles diverse, complementary drinks (cots, chairs, cars, bathtubs ...) and small household furnishings (dishes, etc).
Through the three Caritas social stores (in Ibiza, S. Antonio, Santa Eulalia), staffed by volunteers, clothing and textiles recycled or sold at very modest prices (from 1 to 5 euros) help to finance social work Caritas or are donated to poor people, after evaluation by social workers.

In the year 2007:
- We collected and recycled 100,000 kilos of clothes and textiles (100 tons)
- For sale we recycled or donated 62,000 kilos
- 1479 tickets were issued clothing for donation
- 43 participant volunteers, 4 workers and 40 people passed through the rehabilitation workshop

Any person or entity that wishes to donate clothing or texiles can lead to:
- Caritas office: c / Felipe II No. 16 low - Ibiza
- Store Ibiza: c / Carlos IV, No. 27
- Shop for S. Antonio: c / Bartolome Vicente Ramon n º 17
- Shop Santa Eulalia: c / Historian José Clape No. 19
- Workshop on recycling: Montecristo Estate, c / Mayans n º 30, nave n º 5.

The donacciones on the basis of the entire program and are used to:
- Recycle, reducing the environmental impact of important textile
- Donate goods to underprivileged people
- Providing clothing to groups in need
- Caritas provides funds to maintain their social work (local and international)
- Maintain socio-reintegration workshop for excluded people.

location.png Calle Felipe II, Nº 16 Bajos.  IBIZA, 07800
phone.png 00 34  971311762
mobile.png -
fax.png 00 34 971316973
web.png -
email.png /

Summer from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:30
Winter from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:30 and from 17:00 to 19:30

disabled.png Not wheelchair accessible at the moment
languages.png English, Spanish, Catalán.